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Approvals Before IRB Submission

Ancillary Review
Some projects involve activities that require specialized review outside of the IRB. For example, when a study involves a population from partnership school districts, it must also undergo a review by the research department house within the school districts. Another example are studies that involve the BYU MRI facility which require an approval from the MRI Board of Directors before IRB submission. This process is referred to as ancillary reviews. Some ancillary reviews affect subject safety and therefore the IRB cannot approve a project until the ancillary review is complete. In most cases, the research team is responsible for applying to the ancillary committee or reviewing applicable policies to ensure compliance with requirements. If the ancillary review impacts subject safety or the ability to conduct the research successfully, the IRB will require proof of the ancillary committee’s determination as part of the application for initial review. In these cases, the IRB will not issue approval until the ancillary review is complete. The list below are examples of some of the ancillary reviews that are required with the initial IRB submission and others that can be submitted during the course of the review.

Ancillary Reviews that MUST be Submitted in the Initial IRB Application
Submission packets that do not include these reviews will be returned to the PI.

Ancillary Reviews that are NOT Required in the Initial IRB Application
These reviews can be done concurrently with or after IRB review. The documentation should be uploaded to iRIS once the approval is received.

Note: For studies that will recruit BYU students and Alumni, please see the University Survey Policy for on campus approvals/permission.