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IRB Roster

Brigham Young University IRB consists of one committee which reviews mainly social, behavioral and educational research. The IRB does NOT review studies under the jurisdiction of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Committee members have various areas of expertise to provide adequate review of research activities commonly conducted at Brigham Young University. The members include scientists, non-scientists, and individuals not affiliated with the University. The unaffiliated member represents the perspective of research subjects when reviewing submissions before the IRB.

Name Position Department Scientist
Robert Ridge IRB Chair PSYCH Yes
Wayne Larsen IRB Administrator RAO No
Renea Beckstrand Member NURS Yes
Jared Warren Member PSYCH Yes
Richard Williams Member CPSE YES
Robert Hyldahl Member ES Yes
Christopher Karpowitz Member POLISCI Yes
Steven Luke Member PSYCH Yes
Loren Marks Member SFL Yes
Ryan Nixon Member TED Yes
Arden Pope Member ECON Yes
Sandee Aina Associate Director, HRPP RAO No
Bruce Burgon   FHSS No
Lance Erickson SW Yes
Ramona Cutri TEd Yes
Ulrike Mitchell   ES Yes
Jim Pritchard Prisoner Advocate Community No
Daniel Zappala   CS Yes
Holt Zaugg   HBLL Yes
Lisa Bohman   OGC  

Appointments to the IRB are typically 3 years and can be extended by mutual agreement. The IRB Chair and members are pointed by the Associate Academic Vice President of Research.