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CITI Training

The successful completion of the basic course will satisfy institutional requirements for 5 years, after which a refresher course is required. Researchers and personnel on new applications or added to existing research must satisfy these ethics training requirements, or the IRB will not approve their inclusion on the research team.

  • BYU IRB Tutorial certificates dated before January 01, 2016 are not accepted.
  • Researchers who have completed a human subjects research training course other than CITI may upload documentation of their training in their iRIS profile. BYU IRB will determine whether the non-CITI training course satisfies the mandatory education requirement.

Registration and Tutorials

1. Link your BYU account to CITI here (login through CAS if you aren't already)- If you already have a linked CITI account, skip to step 2.- Otherwise you will see this screen.


- Click on the appropriate option of whether you have a CITI account or not, and follow the on-screen prompts (ex. click "Create A New CITI Program Account").

2. You should now be at this screen.


- Click on the Brigham Young University bar (mid-screen).- Click "Add a Course".

3. Choose your curriculum.- Choose Human Subject Research and the Submit button at the bottom.- Now you can just proceed through your chosen tutorials by clicking on them, and following the on-screen instructions.

If you have any questions, contact the IRB office.