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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Studies

BYU IRB must approve MRI research involving human subjects. The BYU MRI Research Facility houses a research-dedicated MRI scanner and does not provide clinical diagnostic scanning.

The BYU MRI Research Facility has detailed information on their website regarding requirements and procedures for the protection of human subjects and researchers (see MRI Safety).

Researchers who plan to conduct human subjects research at the BYU MRI Research Facility must follow these steps:

  • Complete an IRB application in the iRIS system, but do not submit it to the IRB at this point.
  • Next the researcher must save a PDF copy of the application and email the file to the MRI Research Facility Director at
  • The MRI Research Facility Director will review the proposal and provide you with an approval letter that should be uploaded to the researcher’s iRIS profile as part of the researcher’s certifications.
    • MRI studies only need to seek approval from the MRI Facility Director with the initial submission of the study.
    • Faculty PIs are responsible for ensuring their research teams have completed the required safety trainings with the MRI Research Facility.
    • Faculty PIs are also responsible for maintaining MRI data integrity and confidentiality once the data leave the MRI Facility.
  • When the approval is uploaded to iRIS and the researcher has completed all sections of the application and submission packet; the application is submitted to the IRB for review.