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How to add External Researchers

The following instructions explain how to add a researcher from another institution into the iRIS system. Non-BYU researchers must follow these steps to be added to a BYU IRB application and access iRIS.

  1. Create a BYU NetID
    1. First, go to to create a NetID. You can also go to > MyBYU > “Don’t have an account?”
    2. Second, go to to add your email address.
      Use the same email address as you used for your CITI Program login.
  2. Login to with the NetID and password.
    1. You will have a limited view (below) when you first log in. Logging in the system will create your BYU iRIS account.
      BYU IRB Screenshot 1
  3. Email or call 801-422-3606, the IRB Office, to assign account access. Please share the following information:
    1. Your full name and NetID
    2. Please indicate that you are an external researcher to BYU.
  4. Complete and share CITI Training records with BYU
    1. Login to your current CITI account, Click Add Affiliation. Select Brigham Young University-Provo, UT from the drop-down list. This allows BYU to see your CITI Training Records.
      1. Note: BYU Standard Operating Procedures require that all researchers have training through CITI Program, including each of the modules in the Social & Behavioral Research Investigators/Mentors course. You may need to complete some training modules to fulfill this requirement.
        IRB Screenshot 2
    2. Email or call the IRB Office at 801-422-3606 to ensure we have received your CITI training records and to associate them with your BYU iRIS account.

After you complete steps 1-3 above, the PI can add your name to the study protocol, and you will be able to access iRIS. By completing ALL these steps, you help the IRB process the application more smoothly and expeditiously.

IRB Screenshot 3