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How to Access iRIS for the First Time

First time, student research users must do the following to have full access to iRIS:

  1. Obtain a BYU NetID
    1. If any research personnel do not have a BYU NetID (e.g. if he or she is from another institution) please refer to “How to add an External Researcher”
  2. Login to with the NetID and password.
    1. Research personnel will have a limited view when they log in. Logging in the system will create an account for the user.

  3. Email or call 801-422-3606, the IRB office to assign account access the research personnel. In addition, please have the following information:
    1. the full name of the research assistant and NetID,
    2. whether he or she is a faculty member (and department), a graduate student, or an undergraduate student.

Once these steps are completed, the PI assigns the research personnel access to the application in iRIS (in the Application, Section 3). The research personnel will then have full access to the application as assigned by the PI to read-only or write and read access.

Pro-tip: Save time for processing your application by making sure the research assistant (and all study personnel) have completed their CITI Training. It’s a great idea to call or email the IRB office to make sure their training transferred automatically over into iRIS.