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The Research Administration Office (RAO) is pleased to present iRIS (Integrated Research Information System) to manage the lifecycle of research studies, including the submission of new studies, real-time submission tracking, review, post-approval activities and data management. iRIS also functions as a document repository, providing researchers with easy access to submission records and study documents.

As is a cloud-based system, researchers can access the system anywhere there is an Internet connection.  iRIS is utilized by BYU IRB, IACUC, IBC compliance committees.

Frequently Asked Questions
When should we start using iRIS?
What Training will be available?
What will happen to my currently active IRB files?
Can I submit an amendment to my current IRB?

September 23rd

In-person training was offered throughout September. A training video with the same information can be found at this link:

  • Does your existing study expire between September 23 and November 30? You can choose to use the current fillable PDF form to submit your Continuing Review or you can convert the study to iRIS (close the PDF form and enter the study in iRIS).
  • Does your existing study expire after November 30? You must convert the study to iRIS on or before the expiration date. You can start this conversion anytime after iRIS Go-Live on September 23.
  • For existing studies that will continue into the future, researchers will be required to convert their studies. For those studies, scientific review is NOT required. The IRB will defer to the prior approval decisions; however, additional questions may be asked if the research does not meet new regulatory standards or has issues that were not previously addressed.

Yes, if your study is currently approved through the PDF forms, you can continue to submit amendments on the PDF forms until you convert your study to iRIS.